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My name is Dr. Trevor Venter, and I’m a family medical doctor in Mogale City / Krugersdorp and Ruimsig, in Gauteng. After studying medicine at the University of Pretoria (B MEDSci MBChB MMED (Family Medicine)), I began my career as a doctor in 1985. In addition to my focus on family medicine, I have experience in industrial and military medicine.

As a private family medical doctor / general practitioner for over 25 years, I have developed a holistic approach to health and wellness. I recognise that each patient has unique needs and priorities, and my goal is always to address these in the way that delivers the best clinical results, as well as having the best possible long-term outcome for the patient. For this reason, I include elements of integrative natural medicine in some of my orthodox medical treatments. I also specialise in infusions and intravenous micronutrient therapy and weight loss management.

In the sick room, ten cents worth of human understanding equals ten dollars worth of medical science.

 – Martin H Fischer 

Dr Trevor Venter General Practitioner GP

General Practitioner (GP)

Holistic health care for every member of your family, whatever their medical needs. Learn more

Dr Trevor Venter Infusion Treatments

Drip / Infusion Treatments

Using drips to deliver vitamin combinations to combat fatigue, disease and the effects of aging and enhance athletic performance. Learn more

Dr Trevor Venter Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy

A radical new therapy that uses a reactive form of oxygen for preventative therapy and to help the body heal itself. Learn more

Dr Trevor Venter wound treatment

Wound Treatment

Promoting quick recovery and avoiding pain and infection. Learn more

Dr Trevor Venter Minor Surgery

Minor Surgery

Quick, effective procedures that could save you the time and expense of a hospital visit.

Dr Trevor Venter Weight Loss Programmes Hcg

Weight Loss Programmes (Hcg)

Weight loss programmes that address all lifestyle factors including diet, exercise and nutrition. Learn more

Dr Trevor Venter industrial occupational health screening

Industrial Occupational Health Screening

Annual, Pre- and Post-Employment Examinations. Learn more

Dr Trevor Venter Wellness Services

Wellness Services

Controlling risk factors and aggressive preventative medicine. Learn more

Dr Trevor Venter Chronic Disease Management

Chronic Disease Management

Monitoring hypertension diabetes, cholesterol, asthma, etc.