Save. - Eleazar begat Matthan.St. Pronunciation of eleazar with 3 audio pronunciations, 1 meaning, 7 translations, 9 sentences and more for eleazar. 60 Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar, and Ithamar were born to Aaron, 61 but Nadab and Abihu died when they offered unauthorized fire before the LORD.… Search nearly 14 million words and phrases in more than 470 language pairs. 1. See also. Eleazar is not frequently used as a baby boy name. All Free. Look at other dictionaries: Eleazar — • Includes information on three uses of this name Catholic Encyclopedia. Eleazar represents a typical situation of the century that still reminds him. A generation of servants of God in charge to win a war. English Etymology . The Motto of the School is “TO ACHIEVE THE HIGHEST”. Eleazar is used predominantly in the English and Hebrew languages. Our Mission What We Stand For. Borrowed from Hebrew אֶלְעָזָר‎ (el'azár, “ God has helped ”). Eliezer; Lazarus Kevin Knight. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. 72% Rating. Phrases starting with the letter: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Name Related Names Related Ratings Comments Namesakes. Verse 15. Eleazar was a Jewish man whose story is portrayed in 2 Maccabees 6. Eleazar translation in English-Polish dictionary. Pronounce Eleazar in English (Canada) view more / help improve pronunciation. ; Note the striking symmetry between these two Eleazars. Information and translations of Eleazar in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions … Pronunciation of eleazar with 2 audio pronunciations, 7 translations and more for eleazar. Three other men named Eleazar are briefly mentioned in the Hebrew Bible: Eleazar definition, a son of Aaron and his successor in the priesthood. Eleazar is a common Jewish given name for a male. Gender Masculine. Doublet of Lazarus. Eleazar (English to English translation). Pronunciation IPA : /ɛliˈeɪzə/ IPA : /ˈɛləˌzɔɹ/ Proper noun . ; The son of Abinadab, in whose care the men of Kiriath-jearim placed the Ark (1 Samuel 7:1). This is probably the actual fact. The third son of Aaron. ELEAZAR ĕl’ ĭ ā’ zər (אֶלְעָזָ֖ר, ̓Ελεαζάρ, God has helped).Any one of six men mentioned in the OT and one in the NT. "Eleazar" has the frequency of use of 0.0001% on Eleazar was succeeded by his son Phinehas. How to say eleazar in English? How to say eleazar in German? 1 Son of Aaron.2 Keeper of the Ark of the Covenant.3 Mighty man of David.4 Man in the genealogy in the first chapter of the Gospel of St. Matthew.5 One of the chief martyrs in the Maccabean period. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Usage Biblical, Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek. A propose driven generation, above all responsible to finish the task of World Evangelisation to accomplish the divine purpose. Eleazar Eleazar † … Many translated example sentences containing "Eleazar ben-Yair" – English-Spanish dictionary and search engine for English translations. A constant effort would be made to develop the pupil’s intellectual, their creativity and to foster in them a social awareness through various extra curriculum activities.. The Levites Numbered … 59 and Amram’s wife was named Jochebed. Numbers 20:28. The name Eleazar is highly similar to the name Eliezer ( אליעזר) and is assigned to eight different men in the Bible.The two best known Eleazars are: The son of Aaron, the father of Phinehas (Exodus 6:23). St. Luke seems to have traced the genealogy from Zerubbabel through a younger, son, St. … Translation for 'Eleazar' in the free English-Norwegian dictionary and many other Norwegian translations. The time of Eleazar’s death is not stated in the Scriptures with exactness, but it seems to have been near the time of the death of Joshua. Search nearly 14 million words and phrases in more than 470 language pairs. To Amram she bore Aaron, Moses, and their sister Miriam. 23:21); Eleazar (son of Pinhas) one of those in charge of the sacred vessels brought back to Jerusalem after the Babylonian Exile Eleazar of the sons of Parosh (Ezra 10:25) See more. Eleazar Wheelock (April 22, 1711 – April 24, 1779) was an American Congregational minister, orator, and educator in Lebanon, Connecticut, for 35 years before founding Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. Eleazar translation in English-French dictionary. Translation for: 'Eleazar (son of Eluid)' in English->Chinese dictionary. Other biblical figures named Eleazar. Human translations with examples: MyMemory, World's Largest Translation Memory. Aaron, the brother of Moses, had four sons, Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar, and Ithamar ().Nadab and Abihu were killed when they offered strange fire before the Lord—possibly being drunk (Lev 10:1-11). Eleazar. Eleazar - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. This would be the ultimate goal of this Institution. Translate Eleazar to English online and download now our free translation software to use at any time. Its origin is Hebrew. It is not listed in the top 1000. Translation for: 'Eleazar' in English->Arabic dictionary. An old man, he refused to eat swine's flesh. ( Jos 24:29, 30, 33; Jg 20:27, 28 ) Eleazar manifested the trait of zeal for Jehovah’s true worship and conducted the priesthood with honor all his days. It comes from Hebrew origin, meaning God-Helped (El-azar).The first male known to be given the name was Eleazar, son of Aaron and High Priest of Israel. Any of a number of men in the Old Testament, including a son of Aaron. Luke makes Matthat (or Hatthan; the names are from the same root, and in some texts are identical), to be the son of Levi. And Eleazar the priest took the brasen censers, wherewith they that were burnt had offered; and they were made broad plates for a covering of the altar: Numbers 19:3 | View whole chapter | See verse in context And ye shall give her unto Eleazar the priest, that he may bring her forth without the camp, and one shall slay her before his face: Scripts אֶלְעָזָר (Ancient Hebrew) Ἐλεάζαρ (Ancient Greek) Pronounced Pron. Eleazar is commemorated as a saint in the Eastern Orthodox Church on September 2, and as one of the Holy Forefathers in the Calendar of Saints of the Armenian Apostolic Church on July 30. Eleazar is a variation of the name Eliezer (English, German, and Hebrew). Verse 18 describes him as "one of the leading teachers of the law," and "of distinguished bearing." Contextual translation of "éléazar" into English. Eleazar (ĕlēā`zər), in the Bible. See also the related categories, english and hebrew. Cookies help us deliver our services. What does Eleazar mean? We learn from verse 24 that he was ninety at the time of his death. At Urdu Wire you can find Eleazar Christian Names meaning, origin & religion with rating & reviews. Pronounce Eleazar in English (Australia) Eleazar of Worms (Hebrew: אלעזר מוורמייזא ‎; c. 1176 – 1238), or Eleazar ben Judah ben Kalonymus, was a Jewish mystic.He was an important student of the Talmud.He was also the last major member of the Chassidei Ashkenaz, a group of German Jewish mystics.. Eleazar of Worms was born in Mainz.He traveled and studied at many centers of learning in Germany and northern France. Boy Christian Names Eleazar Meaning in English. Definition of Eleazar in the dictionary. Meaning of Eleazar. She was also a daughter of Levi, born to Levi in Egypt. Eleazar Biblical priest and son of Aaron; Eleazar (son of Aminadab) who was entrusted as a keeper of the Ark of the covenant Eleazar (son of Dodo) one of King David's warriors Eleazar son of Mahli (1 Chr. Eleazar. Translation for 'Eleazar' in the free English-Polish dictionary and many other Polish translations. ehl-ee-AY-zər (English) 2006.