Ozone (O3) is a more volatile form of oxygen which can have many health and healing benefits.  It can be administered intravenously through auto-haemotherapy (exposing blood to ozone) or ozonated saline drips, or via external methods such as limb bagging (for treatment of chronic wounds and ulcers) or ozonated creams. It can also be injected as Prolozone or delivered orally as ozonated water.

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By oxygenating the blood, ozone therapy can combat chronic fatigue syndrome. It also stimulates the immune system (preventing and reversing degenerative, communicable and auto-immune diseases) and improves cerebral function and memory. Blood which has been infused with or exposed to ozone circulates better in the body as the ozone helps clear minor obstruction in veins and arteries.

Ozone is a powerful purifying and cleansing agent as it is able to deactivate viruses, bacteria, yeasts and fungi both in the body and in our environment.  Ozone can purify the blood and lymphatic system by oxidizing toxins and chelating heavy metals. This helps purge the body of harmful elements and encourage a healthier constitution.

Ozone therapy can also complement other treatment regimes, for example by enhancing the positive effects of chemotherapy and minimising harmful side effects.

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Wound management

Ozone’s disinfectant properties mean that it is a powerful tool when it comes to fighting infections and diseases. This makes it especially useful in wound treatment, and it has been found to reduce inflammation and pain and have a calming effect on damaged body tissue.

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For athletes

Ozone therapy can enhance athletic performances by increasing free and dissolved blood oxygen – more fuel for the fire! It also helps promote cardiovascular wellness and can assist with injury rehabilitation through joint and tissue infiltration.